Do you think quilting could be considered a do over project? I might be stretching it a bit but I just had to share with you a makeover of some fabric I had! I belong to a creative arts quilting group and a few months ago a challenge was set forth to make two 10 ½ inch quilt squares depicting the Antelope Valley where we live. If you know anything about the high desert it has a lot of expansive space with a lot of nothing  Suggestions given were poppies representing the California poppy fields, anything aerospace – I think that is our most important industry here, and of course, Joshua trees. Well, there definitely is beauty in the high desert and all the suggestions were good, but I felt like there had to be something else that would represent this valley in a fun, unique way. I explained the challenge to my husband who has lived here over thirty-five years. He told me that he remembers post cards of the AV with pictures of jackalopes! Jackalpes, you say?! Well, we certainly have plenty of jackrabbits and the area is called the Antelope Valley for a reason, jack – a – lope! Why not? A jackrabbit with antelope antlers!
Do you know how difficult it is to find a print with jackalopes on cotton material? As I searched the web, I did find a few but the colors were all wrong. I found one print but it was over $10 for just a fat quarter – really expensive for fabric. Here comes the do over part. I happen to have a stash of material that comes in handy for these type of emergencies!! In fact for my birthday last summer I received several beautiful fabrics in one yard quantities. I found a perfect rabbit in one fabric so I ironed on some fusible webbing and cut out a few rabbits.jackalope


Then I looked through my ribbon drawer and came across a metallic ribbon that had a zig zag edge. I cut off the zig zag and voila, perfect for the antlers I needed to turn my rabbit into a jackalope. jackalope1


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Old to New

Six months ago I was introduced to the world of blogging and started up thensingsmysoultothee.com.  Now, here I am, beginning a very different website featuring my love for repurposing and being imaginative without necessarily following the rules in decorating!  When my Mom moved out from our home to enter an assisted living facility, she left some of her very old and loved furniture.  I miss my Mom but lucky me in gaining the pieces of furniture she left!  First up, a heavy solid maple dresser that just seemed to beg for a do over!  And since I now have some empty rooms to repurpose, I could envision it as a dresser in our new guest room!


So I ventured into the garage to collect some unused leftover paint in a cabinet.  A can of light gray color and a tannish gray color from Home Depot looked about right. Also a small container of acrylic craft paint from Michaels in navy.  First a light sanding with my Makita hand sander then an allover coat of light gray.  After the gray paint dried I used the navy paint randomly in large areas of the top of the dresser and the drawer fronts.  I ran out of navy so I continued with haphazard areas of the tannish gray color I had found.  All of the paints from Home Depot were Behr brand in a satin finish.

Then came the fun part!  A good, solid hammer and some meandering strikes against the dresser top – don’t forget the drawers also.  So far, so good.  The dresser was begging for a purposeful sanding, a little here, a little there, heavier in some spots.  It looked good but I felt it needed a sheen or finish.  Score!  I found a can of Rustoleum Transformations Acrylic Glaze in Java Brown.  I think I may have used this on the end tables in the family room a few years back.  That will have to be another blog!  I painted a thin coat of this glaze all over and it was just what it needed! But it wasn’t done just yet.

I had removed the wood drawer pulls my Dad made years ago – sorry Dad but they didn’t fit my vision.  So, now on to our Hobby Lobby to search for something that would work.  My husband gave me a hand in this endeavor and together we selected our favorite knobs then decided to make each drawer different because we were unable to decide on just one style!  The drawer hardware just happened to be on sale also, yes!  I love the finished project!  The dresser was part of a set that my Mom and Dad purchased when they were married in 1945!  Maybe it will last another 70+ years!dresser1.jpg